Questions from Jiang Pimg He

1. How is design present in your life?

I am a producer and a target of design. I can enjoy a well designed timetable as I enjoy cheap and dirty printed booklets of questionable content. Design has to do with appearance: getting dressed or disguised. Do you want to show your real objectives or do you want to hide them? It’s a question of enlightenment or indoctrination. My sympathy depends on the truth behind the make up.

2. Does your design inspiration come from your life-experience? Where does your inspiration come from?

"Why doesn't it tickle when I tickle my self?", asked me my son a few days ago.

The tickling comes from other people, from the streets, from books, used or new, tv, movies, newspapers, the internet and my imagination.

3. Who is the main influence in your life?

The balance of my bank account.

Who is the main influence in your design?

Curiosity, the joy of experiments, the logic of tools like the line of a pencil, computer applications and printing processes.

4. What is your life philosophy?

Always when I think I might have one live changed and I need a new one.

And what is your design-philosophy?

Intelligent humane ideas, legibility, comprehensibility and economy makes beauty.

Methods are deformation, reformation, destruction and reconstruction. To explore the meanings of the differences from the norm is the most interesting thing to do. It enables new forms of expression.

5. Which was the happiest moment in your life?

I hope it still will come.

6. What is your motivation to stick to the design job?

Ask a fly why it got stuck on a fly paper!

7. What are your top personal achievements?

The ability to invent myself over and over again, staying awake, extending days to 36 hours.

8. How do you manage your free time?

I don’t know if I want to be free of my working time. The moments when I work have often more freedom than the others. I read once that a day is divided in work, play and leisure time. My work has a lot to do with playing. But it might be even more important to do nothing.


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